Ciao, Hello, Hej, Salut, my name is Daniela De Lorenzo.

Born in Milan (1990), since the early age I've been fed with minestrone soup, Giro d'Italia and political debates on TV.

I’m a freelance journalist, photojournalist and communications specialist, mainly working in Italian, English, French and Danish. I also speak/understand Spanish and Dutch.

Currently, I am part of the UK team of De Smog, as journalist researcher while freelancing as photojournalist and journalist.

I write about social issues and social movements, the interrelation between food culture and migration, climate negotiations and environmental risks and solutions. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the role of criminal organisations within societies and specific sectors of the economy -with a close look to Italian clans.

I hold an Erasmus Mundus MA in Journalism, Media and Globalization from Aarhus Universitet, Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole (Denmark) and Universitet van Amsterdam (The Netherlands) where I specialized in Visual Communications, Political Journalism and Photojournalism.

I have been a digital project Manager at VICE Media, communication agent in  European Institutions (European Parliament and European Committee of the Regions) and a Communication Manager in an Environmental NGO (The Bellona Foundation, Climate Tracker). 

My articles and pictures are mainly found on Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, VICE News, WIRED, CityMonitor,  Munchies Italia, Munchies France and Euronews.


Based in Brussels, Belgium / Milan, Italy.
Frequently in Copenhagen, Denmark / Naples and Marsala, Italy.

Clients & Assignments:

Al Jazeera, VICE News, WIRED, Deutsche Welle, DeSmog, Euronews, Minerva, Sverige Radio, Vice Munchies France, Vice Munchies Italy, Vice Motherboard Italy. The Copenhagen Post, Roskilde Festival, GAFFA, ArcSpace, TedX, The Culture Trip, Repubblica XL, Pagina99, Listen Festival, The Independent.

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